Which Custom Bumper is Best For Your Tacoma Truck?

Toyota Tacoma Bumper

Bumpers have been evolving for some time. The first one appeared in 1897, and was originally a cosmetic feature of the vehicle before the first rubber bumper that was designed to absorb impact was introduced in 1901. Automobile manufacturers added decorative steel strips across the front and back of vehicles in the mid-1910s, but it wasn’t much later when these parts began offering more than just their aesthetically pleasing looks.

Today, bumpers offer protection to the vehicle components thanks to its ability to dissipate kinetic energy that occurs on impact. Yet these stock bumpers still don’t offer the type of premium protection many all-terrain vehicles require, particularly larger trucks and 4x4s.

While your Tacoma’s original bumper was designed to protect you from road accidents, this factory-made bumper isn’t always the best protection, especially for those ready to venture off-road. Here are the top three reasons why it might be time to invest in a custom steel bumper for your Toyota Tacoma.

Putting the “Fun” in “Functionality”

Regardless of where you’re going to be primarily driving your Tacoma, you still want to maintain the functionality of the vehicle – even with its new Tacoma aftermarket parts. Be sure to select one that won’t compromise your ability to navigate the city as well as the great outdoors. Fab Fours’ Premium Bumper is designed to be functionally-stylish while simultaneously providing more tire clearance to avoid rubbing at all times.

There are plenty of bumper selections that will not be too bulky to still park in tighter areas, so you’ll maintain plenty of functionality around town!

Fab Fours’ Toyota Tacoma Matrix Bumper

Why Brand Matters Most

Like all things, you want to invest in a Tacoma custom bumper that comes from a reputable brand. One of the most important considerations when looking at aftermarket bumpers is where these parts are being manufactured. USA-made products provide more value because there are more stringent standards for both raw material quality and welding than in other countries. All steel bumpers manufactured within the United States must comply with rigorous manufacturing regulations, ensuring your Tacoma is outfitted with only the best quality product.

Fab Fours is proud to manufacture all products in the US, and continues to partner with its customers and other industry thought leaders in order to create the most innovative custom bumper parts for all off-road vehicles, including the beloved Toyota Tacoma. For more tips for selecting a custom bumper, read about the top three things to look for in an aftermarket bumper.

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