How To Conquer The Very Real Threats of Off-Roading!


This isn’t a news flash to many of you off-roaders, but part of the fun of off-roading is the challenge of negotiating different surfaces and obstacles along the way, right?

Of course, you and your off-road truck may also encounter things that can definitely make your excursion more exciting as well as be considered threats to your safety and well-being!

From environmental dangers to unstable driving surfaces, learn how to handle some of the many hazards you may encounter while off-roading and stay safe while having fun at the same time!

Getting Lost

Getting lost is a common issue that any off-roader can face and one that could be life-threatening if improperly handled!

The best solution is to avoid getting lost by having a GPS, compass, and maps that you carry on board and have learned to use, planning your route ahead of time, and keeping some kind of wireless or radio contact with others.

Getting Stuck

There are about as many ways to get stuck as there are trails to travel that are off the beaten path!

When you have high-centered going over a hill, gotten stuck in mud or on rocks, or even stalled fording water, carrying in your off-road beast the right recovery gear and having a winch bumper are just what you need to get yourself unstuck.

Winches already located on your front bumper are the best way to get out of trouble; if you haven’t got one, be sure to travel with another off-roader who has one so you can help each other when someone gets stuck.

Breaking Down

The key to preventing breakdowns before they happen to you is pretty simple: keep your prized off-roader properly maintained then be sure to go over it before you hit the trails for a fun outing.

Not every breakdown can be predicted, so along with that winch bumper be sure to carry appropriate tools and spare parts such as a tire repair kit, extra fluids, hoses, clamps, and other parts that could break plus the tools you’d need to make any repairs while off-roading.

Fallen Rocks and Debris

As much fun as it can be to go barreling down a bouncy trail, you may come across things you actually can’t drive over.

When you find fallen rocks, tree limbs, and other debris on the trail, you’ve got two choices:

  1. Go around the obstacle.
  2. Move it out of your path.

Shovels or your bumper-mounted winch are both great for helping move heavy limbs and rocks off the trail that you can’t climb or go around.

Just be sure to drive slow enough so you can stop before you actually hit one!

Rain and Mud

When you’re out and get caught in heavy rain, it’s important to pay attention to things like flooding on the trail, the path of the flowing water, and how soft the ground is that you’re driving on.

Slow down, avoid areas where water is washing across the trail, and keep your mud-driving skills fine-tuned to avoid problems.

If you don’t want to get stuck, keep moving forward at a high enough speed to maintain momentum without actually spinning into the soft spots or burrowing your tires which could get you ;stuck!

Wild Animals

The further away from the roads you go on an off-road adventure, the more likely you are to come across wild animals of all kinds that won’t be impressed by your slick new winch bumper!

Know that when you’re out from dusk to dawn, the odds of you coming across them on the trail become increasingly higher as it gets later.

Slow down when off-roading at night and use good lighting around your vehicle to spot animals both on the trail and off to the side that could get in your way.

Driver at faster speeds and coming across one that causes you to veer to avoid it could make you lose control of your off-roader and possibly crash the animal or veer and roll.

Best solution? Drive when animals aren’t as likely to be out and slow down at those times when you do anticipate any wild beasts being on the trail!

Plan Ahead!

Off-roading is all about having loads of fun while staying safe!

Whether the issue is a breakdown, coming across a huge tree limb in the trail, getting lost, or encountering a wild animal on the trail, you can prevent such concerns from becoming actual threats to you and your off-roader by planning for them with a preplanned solution.

Good problem-solving skills will help you rescue the day so you can continue enjoying your off-road adventure!

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