Jeep and Tacoma Trail Doors – Why Does Your Off-Road Vehicle Need Them?


Open cab driving is undoubtedly one of the best things about owning a 4×4, letting the sunshine and fresh air surround you on and off the road. In fact, it almost doesn’t matter where you’re driving – enjoying a beautiful day is that much more refreshing when it’s done in an open vehicle!

Going doorless is always a lot of fun, but in certain situations it can have a few drawbacks. That’s why so many off-road enthusiasts are installing trail doors on their Jeeps and Tacomas. Trail doors are easy to install and allows for that “open air” feeling you’ve been wanting.

Tubular doors or trail doors are a set of metal tubes that are welded into a frame, including hinge pins to attach to the vehicle’s door hinges and standard latches to stay shut while in motion. Jeep and Tacoma trail doors offer a unique look to your vehicle, but still provide the perfect balance of protection and freedom.

Here are the top three reasons many invest in trail doors for their 4×4.

Stay Legal On the Road

In some states, it can be illegal to drive a vehicle without doors – particularly if it no longer has its side mirrors attached. Installing trail doors will keep your vehicle compliant with the law but still feel free of the restraints from standard doors. It’s important to check with local laws to ensure your vehicle is operating within these regulations at all times.

Storage Functionality

Unlike a Tacoma truck, Jeep’s often have limited storage space as it is, so losing additional room in a vehicle due to a lack of doors can make things even more difficult. Trail doors with netting can help keep your stored items safely in place without hindering your off-road experience.

Toyota Tacoma Trail Door Features and Ease of Installation
Jeep Tube Door Features and Ease of Installation

Safety Without Restriction

Trail doors are especially helpful with keeping children or dogs inside of the vehicle at all times, It keeps all occupants in but still gives you that windy, wide open feeling out on the road. Tacoma and Jeep trail doors also offer better visibility on the trail, with the openness allowing you to properly view approach and departure angles for safe navigation.

Finding the right trail doors is perhaps the most important part. Be sure to look for rattle resistant trail doors, to avoid any extra obnoxious noise. You’ll also want to make sure you can install side mirrors on these tube doors to be able to see all around your vehicle while it’s in motion. Lastly, be sure to invest in solid steel construction, made in the US, for the best quality possible.

Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors
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