Jeep Bumpers…Which type is right for you?


There’s an iconic Jeep look that everyone has grown to love when it comes to the Jeep JK, Jeep JL, and Jeep JT. But that look isn’t always all you thought it would be when that brand new 4×4 rolls off the auto transport trailer. The solution? An upgraded bumper to customize your new Jeep to look exactly how you imagined it. Plus, if you’re looking to change up the look and feel of your vehicle, why not consider some fun accessories, too?

If you’re thinking about swapping out your Jeep’s factory bumper for a stronger, steel replacement, there are a few considerations to be aware of when selecting the right one. After all, there are a lot of heavy-duty options on the market, but it’s very important to know exactly what terrain and conditions you’re going to be using yours in.

It’s also important to know who is manufacturing your vehicle’s primary line of defense both on and off the road. Fab Fours is the premier, USA-based manufacturer of Jeep and truck bumpers and accessories. Their steel bumpers are held to the highest American standards for both the raw materials and the welding process, creating best-in-class products that withstand whatever you can throw at it.

You never want to settle for less than the best when it comes to off-road vehicle protection, so here are Fab Fours’ most popular aftermarket Jeep bumpers and accessories to consider:

Lifestyle Winch Bumper

This stylish, high clearance option definitely puts the “fun” in functional! Boasting its integrated D-Ring mounts, lights, and a winch-ready approach, the Lifestyle Winch Bumper can come with or without a guard. But its winch capabilities aren’t just for looks: this one is designed for strength and durability, with an extreme focus on rock-clearing ability.

Stubby Bumper

This Jeep bumper option is the perfect choice for what we like to call the “Jeep purists” of the world. Its ultra-narrow design for max tire clearance, winch capabilities, and integrated accessories such as D-Rings, tow hooks, and fog lights, all make for a sleek and sturdy upgrade. Plus, it comes at the best price point in the market!

Grumper Bumper

If looks could kill, The Grumper is it! This distinctive front end protection is a combination of grille and winch bumper that has revolutionized the bumper game. Fully customizable, The Grumper has removable inserts allowing for various color options and is available in a stubby or full-width version.

Off-the-Door Tire Carrier Accessory

This first ever “5-Point System” is a heavy-duty custom machined and plated pivot shaft in double sheer fabricated mount to eliminate any rotational vibrations of the carrier during your ride, no matter the terrain. While it does require a base bumper, this accessory is a must-have for transporting that fifth tire, just in case. 

When you’re ready for something different, look no further than Fab Fours. You’ll be ready to hit the highways and trails with the most premium Jeep accessories on the market that can’t help but to turn heads around every corner. It’s your turn the share the cool!

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