The Grumper: The Radical Grille and Bumper Combo


Fab Fours is known for creating head turning bumpers and accessories that enhance the look of your truck or Jeep. What’s one of the most revolutionary Fab Fours designs to date? You know it…the Grumper. Whether you love it or hate it, people can’t stop looking at it.

The Grumper bumper started off of the radical design of the “The Legend” and offers truck lovers a wild combination of both a grille and winch bumper. Interested in adding a Grumper to your 4×4? Here are the top three features of the Grumper truck bumper:

Fully Customizable

The Grumper is completely customizable with removable colored insert options. It’s aggressive design will dramatically transform the look of your truck with the all in one bumper and grille construction.

Protective & Winch Ready

Yes, the Grumper is definitely a flashy piece for your truck or Jeep, but it’s also equipped for performance. With it’s U.S. steel construction, the Grumper offers ultimate protection whether you’re driving around town or hitting the trails. It’s also winch ready allowing you to get out of a tough spot while maintaining a unique look.

Lighting Capabilities

Cue the lights. The Grumper has the ability to hold a light bar and LED light pods in most models. The custom fit also allows you to keep your factory fog lights intact or replace them with LED cube lights for a more aggressive look.

Fab Fours’ All New 2.0 Grumper Front Winch Bumper for the 2017-2020 Ford Super Duty

The Grumper is for those who are ready for something different. Are you in?

Fab Fours is also running a special on the Grumper truck bumper during the month of October. Click this link to find out more and try one for yourself!

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