Made in America: Benefits of Choosing a Bumper Manufactured in the USA 


Made in America. What is it about those three words that make our hearts swell with pride and our minds relax, knowing the quality is going to be outstanding?

When it comes to selecting the right aftermarket steel bumper to upgrade your Jeep or truck’s off-roading experience, you should only accept the best to do the job. With that being said, there are so many benefits to selecting aftermarket parts that have been manufactured within the United States. Here are just a few to consider.

Building Skills for Future Generations

There are so many positives for American-made products, including the ability to keep our country innovative and competitive in the global market. Maintaining manufacturing roles here in America is important not only for today’s supply chain needs but also to provide new and existing skills for future generations. Fab Fours is proud to diligently train our team on the latest manufacturing tools and processes in the industry each year. 

High Quality End Product

Who wouldn’t want the highest quality end product — especially when it comes to your steel bumper that’s set to protect you and your vehicle from all those off-roading elements? That’s why it’s important to select a best-in-class bumper solution that is going to do its job well. 

Did you know that USA-manufactured products, particularly steel parts, are held to the most rigorous standards, for both raw steel materials and the welding process? That’s right: the United States holds steel manufacturers to the highest standards, so the end result is nothing short of exceptional, every time. Fab Fours is proud to manufacture exclusively within the United States.

Fully Original Designs

No one likes a copycat. Originality and style are some of the most fun parts about upgrading your 4×4’s bumper series, so why not find something that will make you stand out from the crowd? All of Fab Fours’ bumpers are all fully original designs made by our awesome engineering team! 

Fab Fours’ Team of “Pirates” Take Pride in Manufacturing in the USA

As a company that manufactures its state-of-the-art products right here on American soil, in our massive production facility that’s located in Lancaster, South Carolina, Fab Fours’ steel bumpers are amongst the strongest and best on the market.

Our dedicated team of “pirates” love working together towards a common goal, despite their varying backgrounds and experiences. There’s a shared sense of pride in what we consider some of the coolest products in the market — the world even! Our team consistently maintains a strong emphasis on progressive design concepts, the highest in-house quality control, and best-in-class American-made steel products. Regardless of if you’re excited to outfit your Jeep or Tacoma’s truck bumper with something stronger and more versatile on and off the road, Fab Fours has something to offer everyone!

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