Top WARN, Factor55, and Fabtech Accessories to Outfit Your Matrix Bumper


What do you get when you combine the very best aspects of the Fab Fours’ Premium Winch Bumper & all the goodness that comes from our Vengeance series? The best, slim-fitting steel truck bumper in the game. 

Step 1: Meet the Matrix Front Bumper Series

Here are the top things to know about our impressive Matrix Bumper series:

  • It offers an aggressive look with a lot more tire clearance
  • Holds a slim, high and tight design that perfectly follows your Tacoma’s body lines
  • Its lower cutout also allows for increased airflow
  • Customizable so you can add light inserts for different color options
  • Compatible with TRD skid plate, and has integrated D-Ring mounts
  • It’s winch-ready

One of the most exciting features of the Matrix bumper series is its winch-ready capabilities! Adding a winch to your front bumper is one of the most useful modifications you can make to your off-roading or work-heavy vehicle. Once that Matrix bumper is paired with a WARN winch, your truck will be ready for just about anything!

Step 2: Paired with WARN Winches

Whether you’re looking for a truck winch, powersport winch, or portable electric winch, WARN’s got you covered. 

You’re going to want to select a winch that is based on the weight of what your truck — and your new front bumper — can handle. With the Matrix front bumper, your truck will be winch ready for 10,000 lbs or lower. 

You’ll also want to make sure you’re investing in a durable, high quality winch — making WARN a top contender! Since 1948, WARN Industries has been an industry leader with a strong reputation for manufacturing the best winches and off-road accessories on the market today. 

Speaking of accessories, what kinds can you use to upgrade your winch package? Let’s find out!

Step 3: Add Some Factor55 Winch Accessories

Accessorize your new set with some useful accessories, such as a winch line shackle mount or splice on shackle mount. These shackle mounts are essential for being pulled out of a sticky situation — or helping a buddy out on the trail! 

Factor55 is an engineering design firm that specializes in creating high quality products for the off-road market. 

Step 4: Finish It Off With a Fabtech Suspension System

Now that your bumper is outfitted with the best in the business, your ride is ready for the road and the trails. Reduce road noise and rattling with Fabtech shock absorbers. Fabtech produces the finest suspension designs for both on and off-road use. 

Each suspension system is designed to provide an increased ride height for oversized tires while enhancing the suspension performance of your 4×4 vehicle.

Together, Fab Fours, WARN Industries, Factor55, and Fabtech’s products can work together to keep you protected and having fun no matter where you drive!

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