Offroad Truck Bumpers – What Are Your Choices?

When outfitting any Jeep or off road vehicle, today’s enthusiast has a few different choices in off road custom bumpers. Some may look more aggressive or attractive than others, but each different style also serves a different purpose. Before making the mistake of choosing aftermarket bumpers based solely on looks alone, offroaders must consider function when looking at different types of bumpers.

Tubular Type Bumpers

Tubular bumpers are steel truck bumpers made from lightweight, but extremely strong tubular steel. A common bumper style for many off road vehicles, these bumpers come in various types and styles to provide the basics in protection against brush and other obstacles. Some custom bumpers are completely tubular, while others are a combination of shaped steel and steel tube combined, which provides greater vehicle protection.

Stubby Bumpers

Stubby bumpers are offroad truck bumpers that extend only as wide as the length of the grille, rather than as wide as a normal bumper. These have a very distinctive appearance and create an aggressive-looking front end. Stubby steel truck bumpers have a definite purpose, which is tire clearance. Especially useful on Jeeps or any other truck with a lift kit and oversized, off road tires, stubby bumpers prevent the interference that can happen between tires and bumper when traveling over rough terrain.

Winch Bumpers

Winch bumpers, or bumper winches, are exactly what they sound like - offroad bumpers with winches built onto them. These are available in many different styles, including full-width, formed steel truck bumpers, tubular bumpers, stubby bumpers, and more. A winch is important recovery equipment that no serious offroad truck should be without. The strongest and most durable setup for a winch is when it is built as an integral part of a winch bumper.

Stinger Bumpers

Stinger bumpers may look a little extreme, but they serve a very important purpose for extreme offroad trucks. Designed to prevent a forward rollover when descending steep hills, stinger bars provide critical leverage support when a vehicle experiences a loss of balance and tips forward onto its nose. Stinger bumpers are available with or without winches, and constructed of a tubular “stinger” that is mounted to the main bumper component, which is attached to the vehicle.

Grille and Brush Guard Bumpers

Available in many different styles, grille guard and brush guard bumpers provide essential protection for different areas at the front of an offroad truck. Grille guard custom bumpers have bars or metal mesh that extend over the front grille, protecting the radiator from damage by obstacles or debris. Brush guard aftermarket bumpers are designed with bars or cages that fit around the headlights and/or front of the fenders to protect against damage from brush and other debris. Bull bar bumpers are yet another type of offroad bumper that provides front-end protection.

Choosing the right off road steel truck bumpers depends on the different activities that vehicle owners participate in with their 4x4s and the different risks they face. Many bumpers combine multiple features as well. The right aftermarket bumpers are going to be the ones that offer the most protection based on the damage that any off road vehicle is likely to encounter!

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