Adjustable Rack System for Full-Size Trucks: One Size Does Fit All

overland rack

Just in time for crisp camping weather, Fab Fours has released their new Adjustable Rack System for full-size trucks. For once, one size does fit all! The Adjustable Truck Rack System is compatible with all truck makes and is ready for your next adventure. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest features on this adjustable, full-size truck rack system.

It’s Easy to Secure Your Stuff

With multiple tie down points and mounting points, the Fab Fours Adjustable Rack System makes it easy to secure your gear. Whether you’re hauling overlanding equipment to the trails or taking home lumber for a project at home, you’ll easily be able to tie down your items and make sure you don’t lose anything along the way.

Let There Be Light

Nobody likes to be in the dark. We kept that in mind when designing the this full-size truck rack system with 4 LED light pod mounts ready for LED lights. These mounts are located at the top of the truck rack to provide maximum light around the back of your truck bed.

Jump Around, Jump Around

Having a full-size truck rack system is important for overlanding and maximizing space in your bed, but it’s important to maintain access around your bed and have easy access to the roof. The Fab Fours Adjustable Rack System includes four step locations to easily access the roof and navigate around the outside of your bed to safely tie down gear. Go ahead, jump around!

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