Top Grumper Myths Debunked

Truck with Grumper surrounded by misconceptions

Everyone has a preference when it comes to the look and feel of their Jeep or truck. For some, the more rugged and heavy-duty the vehicle looks as a whole, the better! And for others, they just want it to be as aggressive as possible, in both looks and utility. 

That’s part of the reason why Fab Fours designed the legendary Grumper: it offers a revolutionary combination of both a grille and winch steel bumper. But like all good things, there’s a few misconceptions surrounding our aggressively-designed piece of protection.

Here are some of the most common things we hear about the Fab Fours Grumper — and the truth behind it all.

“It looks like it’s straight out of a movie, but there’s probably little to no airflow — it’s going to overheat your engine!”

Despite its looks, the Grumper is still aerodynamic and allows plenty of airflow to reach your vehicle’s radiator and internal components to keep them nice and cool while you’re on the go.  

You think it looks like it’s straight out of a movie? Isn’t that the best part — the fact that wherever you go, people just can’t stop staring? This bumper is one-of-a-kind, and definitely a talking point among people in the off-roading community!

“It must weigh 1000 lbs — there goes all your gas!”

Just because the Grumper is heavy-duty and robust doesn’t mean it’s extraordinarily heavy. In fact, it only weighs around 75 lbs for Jeeps and around 175 lbs for heavy-duty trucks! 

Not sure how that translates to miles-per-gallon? There’s an estimate that with every 100 lbs that you add to your vehicle, your gas mileage may drop by a percent. If you’re looking to add the Grumper to your Jeep or truck, MPGs probably aren’t all that concerning to you because it’s not going to affect your gas tank by much at all!

“It’s not off-road capable.”

Fab Fours took the time to test the Grumper out on some rugged trails out in Moab, UT at Easter Jeep Safari, as well as other popular off-road trails. It handled every obstacle we threw at it really well! It opens up the wheel wells to allow for larger tires, is already winch-ready, and provides total steel protection. What more do you want in an off-road grille & bumper combo?

“The Grumper is just for looks — it’s not necessarily used for functionality.”

The Grumper is a combination grille and front winch bumper, so you’re already getting two awesome upgrades in one. Not only are you getting full frontal protection with a strong, steel bumper, but you’ve got the option for a winch as well. That’s what we consider putting the “fun” in functionality!

“It’s too expensive!”

Like we mentioned earlier, the Grumper is a dual front bumper in that it combines front-end protection with the functionality of a winch, getting you and your buddies out of some sticky situations. But that also means you’re looking at outfitting your Jeep or truck with both a grille and bumper. If you were to upgrade both of these parts individually, you’d be looking at similar costs. Best part about this one is it’s customized to perfectly fit your vehicle, so you don’t need to install two separate elements and pray that they work well together!

See The Grumper in Action:

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