What Are The Best Rear Axles For My Off-Roading Jeep?

When modifying your Jeep JK, it’s important to remember that some upgrades make others more necessary. The bigger your tires get and the more torque needed from your differential, the more necessary changing the rear axles may become. Like other modifications, from suspension to steel bumpers, you have a lot to choose from in axle upgrades. Following are some recommended bolt-in options when you need to switch out your rear axle and differential.

Dynatrac ProRock 60 and 80

Dynatrac produces some of the biggest and strongest rear axles for Jeeps right now. Built to be stronger alternatives to stock Dana axles, Dynatrac ProRock axles provide more torque, greater ground clearance, and are lighter in weight than comparable axles.

The ProRock 80 is currently one of the biggest rear axles available for Jeeps. It is full-floating and designed for the most aggressive environments. The ProRock 80 can handle the biggest and widest tires with its 11-¼ inch ring gear.

The ProRock 60 rear axle has a 9-¾ inch ring gear, is available in semi-floating and full-floating configurations, comes with bolt-in or custom installation, has 1-ton strength, and offers other improvements over the comparable Dana 44.

Both of these axles maintain the function of the factory Jeep ABS and EPS systems.

Currie Enterprises RockJock 70

Currie is another top manufacturer of durable rear axles for Jeeps and other off-road trucks. The RockJock 70 was designed as an aftermarket replacement of the Dana 70 and easily handles some of the biggest tires available for Jeeps. The high-pinion design reduces driveline angle and the entire unit is protected by a built-in skid plate. The RockJock 70 has a strong 10.625-inch ring gear and was designed to use stock Jeep brakes after a few minor modifications.

Mopar/Dana 60

Dana is an OEM supplier of Jeep axles and is the designer of the axles that most aftermarket options are built from. The Dana 60 was designed as an alternative to their other stock axles and differentials after a great demand for something stronger. It is a popular OEM option for off-roading Jeeps. The bolt-in axle has a 9.75-inch ring and pinion, 3.5-inch axle tubes, 14.09-inch brake rotors and is made in the USA.

G2 Axle and Gear

G2 offers rear axles made from their own gear sets and axle shafts housed in Currie RockJock 60 components. Their axles include a locker, Timkin bearings, G2 Chromoly axle shafts, 3-inch diameter axle tubes, and a Currie skid plate. In comparison to the standard Currie RockJock 60, the G2 uses the original Jeep brakes, ABS and EPS systems, and has a 5-lug bolt pattern.

Teraflex CRD60

Teraflex is a manufacturer of Jeep performance suspensions and more recently, aftermarket axles; there are several products available. The CRD60 is their performance replacement for Dana 60 axles. The CRD60 is a full float, high pinion rear differential with a ductile iron center that includes additional gussets to prevent load deflection. The CRD60 has a built-in skimmer that keeps the pinion bearing reservoir full, even at high pinion angles and when climbing steep hills. It has 3.75-inch axle tubes, new brakes, and works with all OEM ABS and EPS systems.

Although these are only a few of the rear axle options available for Jeeps, they are some of the strongest and popular among owners of off-road Jeep JK Wranglers. You could also upgrade your OEM equipment but may find you quickly outgrow these modifications.

Spend wisely when the time comes to upgrade your rear axle just like you do when adding other mods to your Jeep, such as rear truck bumpers, bigger tires, and wheels. Choose one of the bigger options discussed will give you power to spare no matter what type of conditions you drive in!

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