Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Off-Road to Have a Badass Truck


Did you know that the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular used vehicles on the market in the United States? That’s right — according to a recent study done by CompareTheMarket, the combination of a scarcity in new Jeeps and the growing itch for investing in rugged SUVs are causing a surge in the market for these fun vehicles. 

But it’s not just Jeep Wranglers we’re seeing more and more out on the road: it’s trucks, too! And most of the time, these exploration SUVs and trucks aren’t exactly used for hitting the trails on the weekends. They’re here to help us ride in style. 

There’s something about taking the top off your Jeep and letting the wind hit you in the face as you cruise down the coast or across the open roads. Similarly, there’s no end of useful or fun things you can haul when you’ve got a truck at your disposal. But even though you may not be using your vehicles to overland or rock climb, it doesn’t mean you still don’t want to protect yourself and your vehicle to the max.

Not all aftermarket bumpers are big, bulky, and only for the off-roading enthusiast. In fact, Fab Fours has the perfect protection upgrade that won’t weigh you down!

Meet the Vengeance Series

When it comes to protecting the vehicle that you love, you’re going to want to start with its bumper situation. Those factory-grade bumpers just aren’t going to do the most work when it comes to completely protecting your truck or Jeep. 

This lightweight, sensor-enabled, steel bumper was created to offer you a sleek, stylish, and aggressive design that won’t impede your tire clearance. It rides high and tight to the frame, and has lower cutouts that encourage increased airflow for your vehicle. Plus, you can customize the Vengeance front bumper to include a variety of lighting options! 

Don’t let the idea that a steel aftermarket bumper is only necessary on off-roading vehicles leave your beloved Jeep or truck unprotected. 

Trust the Vengeance’s superior strength and styling to keep you both safe and secure, no matter where the road takes you. 

Get Rewarded When You Upgrade — Limited Time Offer

During the month of September, Fab Fours is offering an incredible rebate on the Vengeance Series. Purchase a steel front bumper from our Vengeance series and receive a rebate of $150. Learn more about this limited time offer. 
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