Mod Up Outdoor Parties With Truck Fire Pits From Fab Fours!


If you’re a fan of outdoor parties, tailgating, and camping, we at Fab Fours have a Fab*ulous new item!

Our brand new line of fire pits designed as a to-scale replica of your favorite truck is an accessory that will amaze your friends and make your get-together one to remember!

See the video below for how these awesome fire pits look with a fire burning in them!

With an off-road truck replica fire pit as the centerpiece of your outdoor party, you have a conversation piece like no other that looks incredible and shows off your love for that special truck!

Check out the amazing details our exclusively designed fire pits offer:

  • These truck fire pits from Fab Fours are designed on a true 1:4 scale to look just like the real thing, even down to the fine details!
  • With Fab Fours simulated 40” tires and wheels, open fenders, and bumpers, these fire pits look so much like the real thing, it’s uncanny!
  • Made from 16 gauge U.S. steel and expertly designed with air vents to improve burning efficiency, Fab Fours fire pits hold enough wood to burn for hours while you and your friends enjoy the party!
  • With that flame flickering inside, they make a really creative option for an outdoor fire pit!
  • Weighing in at only about 50 pounds, you can transport your Fab Fours truck fire pit to your campsite, or anywhere you’re gathering with people to make it a memorable event.
  • Just put it in the back of your life-sized truck and see the heads turn when you show up and unload it from the bed!

Available in Chevy HD, Dodge Ram HD, and Ford Super Duty models, a truck replica fire pit from Fab Fours is the one-of-a-kind truck accessory you need to show your Dodge truck love.

Create a fun, fabulous party atmosphere with this exclusive scale truck fire pit that is only available from Fab Fours!

Fab Fours Fire Pits

The Perfect Mod for A Totally Memorable Outdoor Party!

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