Fab Fours – Our Dream Became Your Reality!

From Dreams and Inspiration Come Revolutionary New Products

Like every other great idea ever conceived, Fab Fours started as a dream of founder and owner Greg Higgs while living and working in Jakarta Indonesia of all places!

With a life-long passion for off-roading, Greg brought together 3 other partners and […]

Top Off-Roading Tips – Knowledge Is Power!

It can be pretty tempting to just jump in your Jeep or truck and head off to the trails for some off-roading fun.

If you’re newer at doing it, ignoring the power of off-road knowledge can easily turn your off-road adventure from a great outing to your worst nightmare.

Even […]

Find The Right Line For Off Road Truck Rock Crawling!

One of the most adrenaline-pumping activities you can do with your off-road truck or Jeep is rock crawling.

Once you get beyond the basics, every move you make counts and can spell success or disaster.

You've heard it said that getting over safely means picking your line first; how do […]

What Does It Mean To Have A Trail-Rated Jeep?

You may think that any type of Jeep can be used for all the different kinds of off-roading fun out there. After all, Jeeps are kind of synonymous with this sport. Before you head off into the wilderness and start driving up, over, and through everything you come across, you need […]

Is Your Jeep Protected Enough To Be Totally Trail Ready?

The last thing any Jeep owner wants to do when heading out for some fun off-roading on the trails is break something. You’ve already spent quite a bit adding the mechanical mods needed to get better performance from your Jeep. What about protecting it from the dings and crunches that […]