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Are You Safe Off-Roading With 2WD?

A common question that owners of 2WD SUVs and trucks often ask is whether or not they can go off-roading even though they don’t have 4WD. Surely the fun is not limited just to those who have that option as well as equipment like off-road bumpers and fenders on their vehicles, […] READ MORE >


Are Over-Sized Tires And Lift Kits Safe On Off-Road Trucks?

Two of the most common modifications that off-road owners make to their Jeeps or trucks are adding bigger and taller tires along with suspension lifts. While these mods are considered safe when done in moderation, safety may be compromised if you go add tires too big or lift too much. […] READ MORE >


Top Off-Roading Tips – Are You OMG Prepared?

When you head out into the backwoods in your off-road truck or Jeep, the last thing you’re likely thinking of is OMG, what might go wrong. Hopefully, you’re thinking of better things like all the fun you’ll have, all the obstacles you can try to navigate, all the great scenery, […] READ MORE >


Top Off-Roading Tips – What About Mods?

When your off-road adventures start pushing the limits of your truck or Jeep, you have two choices. You can either stay safe and comfortable on those trails you enjoy or think about modifying your vehicle so you can do more. Some modifications, like truck winch bumpers, are more essential safety […] READ MORE >


A Year-Round Perspective Of Off-Roading!

A great thing about off-roading in modded trucks and a factor that attracts many people to this sport is that it can be enjoyed year-round in different ways. If you experience significant seasonal changes or near sand, you may encounter three different driving conditions beyond the average dry dirt and rocky […] READ MORE >


Find The Right Line For Off Road Truck Rock Crawling!

One of the most adrenaline-pumping activities you can do with your off-road truck or Jeep is rock crawling. Once you get beyond the basics, every move you make counts and can spell success or disaster. You've heard it said that getting over safely means picking your line first; how do […] READ MORE >


In What Ways is Off-Road Trail Riding Hazardous?

Usually, when someone thinks about the hazards of off-roading, it's things like rollovers, modded-up off-road trucks that get stuck, and the potential for getting hurt or those new steel bumpers getting damaged that comes to mind. Well, the truth is that you and I are not the only ones endangered […] READ MORE >


Choices – Paint or Powder Coat My Steel Truck Bumper?

When choosing aftermarket steel truck bumpers for your off-road truck, one of the considerations to make is whether you want it painted or powder coated. Some steel bumpers come pre-finished one way or the other or you can specify how the bumpers should be finished. To make the best choice, […] READ MORE >


Why You Need A CB For Off-Roading – And How To Use It!

When you go off-roading in your truck after all your mods have been added and it is tricked out with big wheels and tires, a higher suspension, and steel bumpers, it is also important to have a reliable means of staying in contact with other drivers. A CB is important […] READ MORE >


Be Better Prepared For Off-Roading Safety With Fog Lights!

Of all the lights on your off-road Jeep or truck, none are more useful than a good set of fog lights. Sure, you need bright headlights for driving at night; headlights aside, fog lights do the most to increase your visibility, day or night. Even if you don’t need a […] READ MORE >


What Does It Mean To Have A Trail-Rated Jeep?

You may think that any type of Jeep can be used for all the different kinds of off-roading fun out there. After all, Jeeps are kind of synonymous with this sport. Before you head off into the wilderness and start driving up, over, and through everything you come across, you need […] READ MORE >


Ever Heard These 5 Fables About Off-Roading?

When it comes to setting up your off-road truck or Jeep, chances are you’ve been given a lot of different advice. Naturally, you want to make do the mods that will make your vehicle more capable on the trail, in the mud, or wherever you plan on driving it. […] READ MORE >


Exploring Light Beam Patterns For Nighttime Off-Road Safety!

Off-roading at night can be a great time as long as you have right lights on your off-road truck. Like steel bumpers and suspensions, there are a few different kinds of aftermarket off-road lights you can put on your truck, each with a different purpose and beam pattern. Before you […] READ MORE >


When The Off-Roading Going Gets Tough – Is Your Jeep Ready?

One of the most exciting things about off-roading is negotiating different obstacles and testing your skills. As your skills increase and you become more confident, you’ll start to push your boundaries a little more. When you do, is your Jeep ready with everything it needs, like steel bumpers? Use […] READ MORE >


Why A Good Suspension Is Vital For Your Off-Roading Truck!

Among the many parts that are commonly upgraded on off-road trucks, including heavy-duty tires and aftermarket bumpers, you’ve surely heard a lot of conversations about suspensions. There are quite a few different types to consider, depending on what you like to do with your truck. Before you go out and […] READ MORE >


More About The 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler – New Design Details!

The highly anticipated release of the 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler generated so much curiosity for all Jeep lovers. Hints of a redesign had some people waiting anxiously to see the new look and others grumbling about whether Jeep would change the look too much. Now that the JL is out, most […] READ MORE >


Speaking of Jeeps – What About The New 2018 JL Wrangler?

If you’ve been waiting anxiously for the new Jeep JL Wrangler to arrive, good news! The wait is over and according to the reviews, it was well worth the wait. The 2018 JL Wrangler is a beautifully modernized version of the old one and ready to hit the trails. Best of all, […] READ MORE >


Is Your Jeep Protected Enough To Be Totally Trail Ready?

The last thing any Jeep owner wants to do when heading out for some fun off-roading on the trails is break something. You’ve already spent quite a bit adding the mechanical mods needed to get better performance from your Jeep. What about protecting it from the dings and crunches that […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Truck Recovery – Know What To Carry With You!

One of the most important rules of off-roading that every vehicle owner of off-roading heavy-duty trucks needs to remember is that safety comes first. The second rule is to always be prepared for trouble. Sooner or later, you or someone in your party is going to get stuck. By carrying the right recovery […] READ MORE >


OK – Why Should I Consider Crate Engines For My Off-Roader?

Working on an off-road truck can be rewarding and a lot of fun. There are many upgrades to do right in your own garage if you have the tools and the know-how. Yet there are other modifications that are more easily accomplished by a professional, like installing steel bumpers and mounting big […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Communication – What’s Up Here?

When you’re out on the trail in a group with your off-roader, it’s important that everyone has a reliable means of staying in communication with everyone else. Wireless phones are okay in less rural settings; however, once you get out in the open where there is no signal, they […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Trucks And Airing Down Those Tires!

A common practice used by many off-roaders is airing down their tires once they venture off the streets and onto rougher terrain in their trucks. This idea goes against what we’ve all been taught, namely that tires should always be aired to the recommended PSI to improve steering and ride comfort […] READ MORE >


What Are The Best Rear Axles For My Off-Roading Jeep?

When modifying your Jeep JK, it’s important to remember that some upgrades make others more necessary. The bigger your tires get and the more torque needed from your differential, the more necessary changing the rear axles may become. Like other modifications, from suspension to steel bumpers, you have a […] READ MORE >


The Real Facts About Helmets – How To Pick The Right One!

If you do any kind of off-road racing over dunes and hills at high speeds, protecting your head should be a prime concern. You use durable protective gear like skid plates, steel bumpers, and other items to reduce damage to your truck, so what about yourself? Before you open […] READ MORE >


The Real Facts About Helmets – Design and Construction!

Helmets are an essential safety item for anyone who does off-road racing or is at risk of a head injury while climbing those big off-road trails. Yet just like suspension parts, steel bumpers, and rugged tires, helmets are only as good as their construction. For the best protection, it […] READ MORE >


Mudding And Off-Roading – Don’t Get Bogged Down!

If you appreciate getting a little dirty while you are out in your off-road truck, mudding is a great way to have fun. Mudding, or affectionately known by some as mudslinging, is loads of fun when you do it right; however, you can easily end up stuck in the […] READ MORE >


If Your GPS Breaks Off-Roading – Can You Read A Map?

Knowing where you are going is a big deal when you are off-roading. One wrong turn on a remote trail could send you miles out of the way and put you in danger. While it is easy to rely on your phone or onboard GPS for staying on the […] READ MORE >


The Possible Pitfalls of Off-Roading Rock Crawling!

Rock crawling is one of the most exciting, yet challenging things you can do with your off-road truck. Yet it requires skill, patience, and a well-equipped truck with all the important upgrades like tires, suspension, and protective steel bumpers. With practice, you can learn how to get over all […] READ MORE >


Is That Upgrade To Your Off-Road Truck Vital – or Vanity?

Upgrading your off-road truck is fun, especially when it comes to creating that rough and rugged look. Yet the last thing you want, especially if you are on a budget, is a truck that is “all show and no go.”  If you want a truck that can safely hit […] READ MORE >


Valuable Guidelines To Off-Roading In Our National Parks!

National parks are a great place to spend a day off-roading. Many of these parks offer miles of trails and a variety of natural obstacles to enjoy. Before you load up your gear and head out to your nearest park in your off-roader with its heavy steel bumpers and […] READ MORE >


Beach Off-Roading Basics – Get Ready For Sand Dune Driving!

Driving your off-road truck or Jeep at designated beach areas can be a lot of fun. Don’t risk having that fun come to an abrupt end if you don’t know how to drive safely on beaches. Driving over the dunes takes more than just the right tires and front truck bumpers with a […] READ MORE >


What You Must Know Before Doing Any Desert Off-Roading!

Desert driving is a form of off-roading that can be fun, especially if you’ve never tried it before. The scenery is great, there are different challenges, and you’ll get to try your truck out in different conditions. Before you head out, make sure you have everything you need, including […] READ MORE >


Must-Have Trail Safety Tips For Off-Roaders!

Heading out on the trail for the first time with your off-road truck or Jeep is an exciting moment. You have modified your truck with the right tires, steel bumpers, and other essential equipment and packed essential emergency gear, so you are ready to go. Hey, slow down a […] READ MORE >


Let’s Looks Closer At Fab Fours JK Tube Doors!

If you’re a “Jeep futurist” and drive a JK Wrangler, Fab Fours has some new off-road equipment just for you. Adding to their line of durable, custom Jeep steel bumpers, Fab Fours has recently introduced its JK tube doors for Wranglers that hit the trails hard. Available in both front and […] READ MORE >


Some Simple Tips To Save Your Off Road Truck’s Gas Usage!

If your off-road truck is a gas guzzler, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do about it. If you have equipped your truck with bigger tires, steel bumpers, and other specialty gear, chances are you have seen an increase in your gas consumption. Fortunately, there […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Truck Winches – Electric or Hydraulic?

A strong, reliable winch is one of the most basic and necessary accessories for an off-road truck that encounters water, mud, or other trail hazards. Truck winch bumpers can get you out of a bind if you have chosen the proper winch. Besides capacity, you can choose from hydraulic or […] READ MORE >


How Does Rim Choice Affect Successful 4×4 Off Roading?

There is a lot more to proper off-road rim selection than just appearance. Naturally, you want your prized off-road truck to look as tough as it really is. Yet every part you add, from rims and wheels to steel bumpers and winch, should serve a purpose other than looking […] READ MORE >


Winch Usage – Safety and Maintenance Are Vital!

A winch is one of the more important safety items to have on the steel bumper of your off road truck if you ride the trails on a regular basis or like pushing your truck to the limit. It is there to get you or someone else out of trouble […] READ MORE >


How To Find Great Storage Choices When Heading Off Road!

Storage space is frequently at a premium in many homes. It can be even harder to come by in your off-road truck. What do you do when you want to spend a weekend out camping to ride the hills and trails in a more remote location? You get creative, […] READ MORE >


Important Tips For Installing Winches to Fab Fours Bumpers!

So you are ready to invest in great steel bumpers for your truck and thinking about adding a winch? Great choice! One of the best things after you’ve added heavy duty bumpers, especially those great new 2017 Chevy heavy duty bumpers from Fab Fours for off-road trucks, is discovering how easy […] READ MORE >


Do I Need Waterless Coolant For My Off Road Truck?

Staying cool while you’re off-roading is a good thing to do, both for you and your truck. Although water is your best option to stay hydrated and cool, water-based coolant definitely has its limitations in any off-road truck that is prone to overheating. Fortunately, waterless coolant offers important protection […] READ MORE >


Why Improved Steel Bumpers Are Great For 4×4 Trucks!

If you off-road, you’re probably already well aware of the fact that some of the stock equipment on your outfitted truck or Jeep isn’t going to be enough out on the trail. Most people start their upgrades by adding bigger, better tires and then movie onto things like the […] READ MORE >


Looking At Winch Capacity For Your Off Road Truck!

Other than tires, steel bumpers, and other similar equipment, a winch is one of the most important accessories to have on your Jeep or truck. Used safely and correctly, winches give you the ability to get out of trouble and continue on your way. Yet there is more to […] READ MORE >


4-Wheel Drive Trucks – Why Are They So Good Off-Road?

What makes 4-wheel drive trucks so good off road? The obvious answer to this question is because of that great 4-wheel drive you can use to climb just about anything. Is that the only reason why off-road trucks are so awesome for rough trail riding and hill climbing? 4WD […] READ MORE >


Why Devote Time To Off-Road Truck Winch Upkeep?

You’ve invested in your off-road truck in various ways to be sure it’s up to the challenge. You’ve upgraded stock equipment to make your ride more durable and added things like steel bumpers with a built-in winch just in case you run into some kind of trouble. You’re no […] READ MORE >