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Hennessey Velociraptor VS MERC’s 4X4

Watch the Hennessey Velociraptor with Fab Fours Bumpers take on a Mercedes G-Wagon Now, the psychology of trucks and full-sized SUVs is not particularly complicated. They give the impression of being big and useful and functional. Their USPs chime with the hormonal imperatives of testosterone, or with anyone of either sex who values practicality and a feeling of imperious safety, even if that safety is at the expense of whomever you happen to inadvertently squash. The natural extension of this phenomenon being that the bigger or more powerful the truck, the better. The two trucks we have here are very big … READ MORE >


Fab Fours’ 2015 Catalog

Fab Fours’ 2015 Catalog. Our catalog is packed with amazing?products for both your Truck and Jeep!?CLICK HERE?and downloaded it today! ?Fab Fours – More than Expected, Better than Expected. READ MORE >