Different Types of Winch Mounts for Off Road Bumpers

A winch on the front end of an off-road truck can be a lifesaver by providing an essential means to pull vehicles out of trouble, or even pull a tree off the path. Just as there are different types of winches, there are also different ways to mount a winch on off-road steel truck bumpers. Depending on the type of bumper and whether a permanent or removable winch is desired, there are three main options for mounting on most off road aftermarket bumpers.

Bumper Mounted Winch

A bumper mounted winch is one that is bolted to the top of any already installed off-road bumper using special brackets and installation hardware, usually provided by the winch manufacturer for specific bumpers. This is a very common set-up that lets vehicle owners add a winch to their off-road truck bumper at any time. Bumper mounted winches can be configured in many different ways, depending on the vehicle and the bumper, which is another reason why this option is so popular.

Multi-Mounted Winch

A multi-mounted winch is a winch mounted to a carrier, which is then mounted into a receiver that is attached to the off-road bumper. This type of mount is another great option for the off-road vehicle owner who wants the ability to put the winch on and off at will. When used with quick connect power leads, this provides a simple option for quickly adding or removing the winch to the front of the vehicle. Multi-mounted winches will not interfere with tire clearance, since the winch carrier extends out in front of the bumper. The main disadvantage with multi-mounted winches installed on aftermarket bumpers is that they are not as strong as bumper mounted winches.

Winch Bumpers

For the true trailblazers who need the most in winching power, winch bumpers are the best choice. Winch bumpers, as they sound, are heavy duty truck bumpers that have a winch carrier built right onto them, where the most popular winch models can be installed. This one-piece design makes the winch look like an integral part of the whole bumper, while protecting the winch. The winch may also provide some protection to the front of the vehicle, depending on how it sits in front of the radiator.

The most important quality that winch bumpers offer is a more durable mounting and greater winch strength, since the winches are essentially a part of the custom bumpers they come on. Winches installed on winch bumpers provide off-road truck owners with the most winching power, since they are a permanent part of the whole bumper setup.

When deciding the right winch mount to choose, offroaders must consider the type of use they expect their winch to see and whether they want to remove the winch when not in use. Bumper and multi-mount winches may be suitable for some; however, when the strength of the installation is most important, steel truck bumpers with built-in winches are the most favorable option. There are quite a few winch bumpers available to fit all different trucks and off-road vehicles.

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