Matrix Bumpers – Answering The Call!

The New Matrix Bumper Has Arrived!

Are you truck owners out there ready for a new series of replacement bumpers from Fab Fours?

We have listened to all of you out there and the new Matrix bumper series from Fab Fours is now out and available for the 2019 Ford Super Duty, 2019 Chevy 1500, and 2019 Dodge 1500!

Read along and check out this amazing new bumper series and all it has to offer while watching our introductory video featuring The Matrix Bumper Series.

"It's an exciting day!

It's not that often that we launch an entire new line of bumpers or a series, but every once in a while there's a good reason to.

The Matrix is answering the call.

I could not be more excited about the launch of this thing.

We've been in the bumper game a long time and made thousands of bumpers and a lot of happy customers out there and we've put all that learning and all that experience into The Matrix, kind of a blend of both.

We've had our Premium, high-end bumpers that hold winches up to 16,500 lbs; severe duty, can take any sort of impact; down to the Vengeance, which is something lightweight that fits in our garage.

Well, sure enough, there was some middle-ground that emerged!

I want lights, I want a winch, I still want D-rings, I need to take an impact, I want it high and tight - is that all?

That's the list and we answered it with The Matrix - and it came out perfect!

This class of engineers we've got here now are just crushing it when we come up with these demands.

So here it is - you can see it!

I absolutely love the way that the light insert gives you that induction from a hood-type feel.

This is designed around a single row but you can actually put a double row behind it and eclipse a little bit of the bottom, so it's very flexible.

At the same time, it's built around a small-frame winch so it's up to a 12k all-in-one with this high and tight frame.

Again, we kept the inserts on the wings that can be color-matched, so it's an independent piece bolted in and still accommodating up to 2 duallys depending on the frames for trucks and shackles on the bottom.

That was one of the tradeoffs with the Vengeance, you lost your shackle mounts; we brought them back because now we're taking away the two hooks.

This is all 3/16" construction, so it's a little bit more heavy-duty yet it's going to hit this price point right in the middle.

The Matrix brings it all together - a little bit of Premium, a little bit of Vengeance - into one perfect bumper.

We're making them for all the trucks - go check them out!"

If you’re looking for heavy-duty impact resistance and great Fab Fours style combined with all the extras that make a bumper more than just a piece of metal on your truck, the Matrix Series is available right now in the 2019 Chevy 1500, 2019 Dodge 1500, and 2019 Ford Super Duty - and more will be produced!

Fab Fours Matrix Series Bumpers

Answering The Call For Just What You Need!