Why Add A Stinger To Your Off Road Truck?

It sounds like something hanging off of an insect, not on a truck or Jeep, doesn’t it? A stinger isn’t exactly something that can be found in a vehicle manual. Yet they’ve been showing up on more Jeeps and 4x4s over the years. A stinger is an additional protrusion from your vehicle – front or rear - almost always built off the bumper. They’re usually on the front of vehicles, though we have seen a few rear ones. While they do serve a purpose, it’s often a style thing for many Jeepers.

What Is A Stinger?

A stinger is put on the bumper of an off road truck to inhibit an end-over-end roll. It’s usually a bent tube that sticks out at an angle in an upside-down V-shape. While the degree of the angle varies, most sit between a 45- and 60-degree angle and are a few feet long. There are some ridiculously long stingers that we have seen on the trail and even the street - maybe for those steep San Francisco streets? Most tend to stay reasonable and usable - not to stop you from falling into some crevice in the ice!

Do You Really Need A Stinger?

Do you need one on your aftermarket bumper? Well, this next question is probably the most important one: do you want one? If so, then by all means, get that attachment! Most aftermarket truck and Jeep bumpers are built somewhat modularly, so options like stingers or grille guards can be added to various bumpers. Most every steel bumper offered in the Fab Fours product listings can be ordered with some type of addition, so don’t think you’re out of luck just because you don’t see it in a picture.

Pros and Cons

As far as need goes, well - it depends how crazy your adventures get. If you’re a rock and trail guy and you’re making some extreme climbs and descents, then a stinger can keep you from going over if you get off track. We’ve seen them work before and no doubt will see them balance trucks again. So there is a definite utility to them further than a useful bar to hang a trash bag from. Do we see more that are untouched than ones without rock rash? Sure - but think of it as insurance. At the same time, also think about a parking spot that is at least a couple feet longer for your Jeep or truck!

Ultimately, the additions of bumper add-ons like stingers are simply the preference of the purchaser. Some people love ‘em and some people hate ‘em. But when a Jeep starts to go over and you see it saved by the stinger, they sure do look appealing!

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